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Lukram Ingocha Meetei
Senior Research Fellow/Consultant (CISMHE)
Pursuing Ph.D. in Geology (Department of Geology, University of Delhi)

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Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Mountain and Hill Environment
3rd Floor, Academic Research Centre,
University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

Room No. 217 D.S.Kothari Hostel
University of Delhi
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Master of Science in Geology, University of Delhi, Year 2000-2002


2007 - Ph.D. Dept. of Geology, University of Delhi , India (Thesis submitting)

2002- M.Sc. Geology: Hansraj College , University of Delhi . India

2000- B.Sc. (Hons.) Geology: D.M. College of Science , Manipur University , India



Quaternary Geology; Sedimentary Geology; Geomorphology; Active tectonic; Climate change; C 14 Geochronology; Remote Sensing and GIS; Environmental Geology; Evolution of the valley Fill Deposits in NW Himalaya, Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya; Decoupling of climatic and tectonic imprints.



Since 2003-- Teaches special classes of Remote Sensing & GIS; Geomorphology and Sedimentary Environment for the M.Sc. Environmental Biology and Geology students at University of Delhi



2007- Submitting the Ph.D. Thesis on �Quaternary geology and Active tectonics in the Lower Teesta basin, in Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya under the supervision of Prof. S.K.Tandon ,Dept . of Geology, D.U (

2003-2006- EIA and EMP projects based in Hydro-Power projects with the specialized on Landuse / Landcover, Fluvial Sediment facies and palaeosols, topography, terrain features, Active Tectonic and Geomorphic Mapping of Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya

2000-2003- Sedimentary Facies Analysis of the Semi Arid region in Bhiwani area of Haryana plains along with the calcrete petrography and micromorphology and facies analysis of the Quaternary lake fossils deposits.

2001- 2002- Dissertation for the Master Thesis on the Topic "Carbonate forms and types in the Quaternary Continental Sequences of Mahudi Section, Sabarmati Basin, Gujarat Alluvial Plains, Western India". Carbonate petrography and Micro-morphology using, XRD-of Palaeosols, Stable Isotope of the selected carbonate types and form were carried out under the supervision of Prof. S.K.Tandon.



2006 Feb .- Active tectonic and Geohazards mapped in Arunachal Pradesh , India

2003-2006-Lithofacies mapping of Quaternary deposits specially of Fan, Terrace, floodplains, colluviums, debris flows and Channel Bars in Sikkim and Darjeeling District of North Bengal North India

2005 Aug .- Lithofacies analysis and mapping of the Petroliferous basin in the Krishna and Godavari Basin , Andhra Pradesh.

2004 Sept.-Lithofacies mapping of Kiratpur Fan and Pinjore Doon in the NW- Himalaya, Uttaranchal , India

2001 Oct .- Quaternary deposits of Sabarmati river Basin in Gujarat

2000 Nov.-Jan 2001-Geological mapping of surface and subsurface of the Mining area in Rajasthan, Gujarat , Haryana, Himachal Pradesh

1999 - Shillong plateau metamorphic and igneous rocks of Meghalaya

1998-1998 March - Ophiolites of Urkhul district and stratigraphy of the Tertiary rocks in Thoubal districts of Manipur



ArcGIS-9.1, Geomedia-5.1, ERDAS Imagine-9, Microstation, MapInfo-7

Corel Draw 12, Photoshop, Free hand -10

MS-Office, Adobe, Sigma plots, Cross balance sections, Stereographic plot, Rockware and Arc -map 6

Mapping by using GPS (Leica-GS5) with Palm Top PC in ARC-map-6



2003-2006- Senior Research Fellow (SRF) in CISMHE, University of Delhi, in the Project entitle Carrying Capacity studies of Teesta Basin in Sikkim Himalaya, India.

2005- August- 10 days Training on Sedimentary facies Analysis of Krishna and Godavari Basin " organized by the GSI sponsored by the DST in Andhra Pradesh , India

2004- May 10days Brainstorming workshop on "Active tectonic Geomorphology" sponsored by DST at IIT Kanpur.

2003 -till now- Teaches special classes in Remote Sensing & GIS in the CISMHE; Geomorphology and Sedimentary Environment in Dept. of Geology for the M.Sc. students at University of Delhi



Lukram I. Meetei , Sanjaya K. Pattanayak, Arun Bhaskar, Maharaj K. Pandit, Sampat K. Tandon (2007) "Climatic imprints in Quaternary valley fill deposits of the middle Teesta valley, Sikkim Himalaya" Quaternary International.Vol.159.32-46p.(available in )



2006- L.I. Meetei , S.K. Pattanayak, A.Bhaskar, M.K. Pandit, S.K. Tandon "Geomorphology and Sedimentological studies of Valley fill deposits at Tumlang Khola, Teesta river Valley, Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya" International workshop on Geology and natural Hazards of the eastern Himalaya Syntaxis , Indo Burmese Arc and adjoining region . Feb. 9-11, 2006 , Abstract Volume. P.14-15

2005- Lukram Ingocha Meetei (2005) "Terrace stratigraphy and Sedimentary facies of a part of Teesta river near Kalijhora, Darjeeling Himalaya" Abstract Volume, Sedimentary Basins of Himalaya : Challenges for future & XXII Indian Association of Sedimentologists (IAS 2005) p.112. Organized by the DST on Dec. 21st 2005

2005- L.I.Meetei , S.K. Pattanayak, A.Bhaskar, M.K. Pandit� Environmental analysis of Valley fill sequences of Teesta river" National conference on Earth Science: Its relevance to Society" 14th Biennial Convention of IGC Dec 2-4,2005 at held at Dept. of Geology, University of Delhi, India., Abstract Volume p.31-32.

2005- Lukram Ingocha Meetei , S. K. Pattanayak, A. Bhaskar, M.K.Pandit, S.K. Tandon "Older Terrace Deposit along Teesta river between Main Central Thrust and Main Frontal Thrust in Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya: Societal implications" National Seminar on Hydroelectric power projects and Energy resource in North East India on 6-8th Nov. 2005,at Dept. of Geology, Nagaland University sponsored by GSI.

2005- Lukram Ingocha Meetei "Quaternary deposits and its characterization: Teesta Basin in Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya" Paper presentation at Department of Earth Science, Manipur University on 20th Jan.2005.

2004- Lukram Ingocha Meetei , S.K. Pattanayak, A. Bhaskar, M.K. Pandit, S.K. Tandon "Lithofacies analysis of river terrace and fan deposits at Rangpo Khola and Ben Khola confluences in the Teesta Valley, Sikkim Himalaya" National Seminar on "Recent Development in Himalayan Geology with reference to NW Himalaya" at Chandigarh, Punjab University,5-7 Oct.-2004.


Hobby: Traveling and Reading

Other activities:

Research consultant; Career guidance; interaction with like minded multidisciplinary Researchers

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