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Ministry of Power, Government of India established CISMHE as an R&D Centre in power studies in environment in recognition of its excellent past performance -->
Carrying Capacity Studies, Environment Impact Assessment Studies...... -->


The Centre's area of studies covers diverse geographical regions extending from the Bay of Bengal to the Himalayan mountains, and from northeast Himalaya to Nilgiri hills in the Western Ghats. These studies have focus on areas of fundamental research as well as carrying capacity based developmental planning, bio-diversity evaluation and conservation, environmental sensitivity of river basins and the impact of developmental projects on the ecology of these basins. Besides these studies the Centre has been imparting research and training to the planners and developmental experts in the field of environmental planning and management. The Centre is now looking forward to broadening the scope of activities and optimising the use of facilities like laboratory and computer centre besides imparting research and training to various target groups on a regular basis.

Important areas of Fundamental Research are

Ecological indicators and Environmental Management in Teesta Basin

Water and Soil Chemistry of Teesta Basin

Cytogenetic Studies of Critical Plant Species in Sikkim

Endangered plant species in Teesta Basin

Landslide Susceptibility in Teesta Basin

Active Tectonics and Palaeoclimate in the Lower Reaches of Teesta Basin in Sikkim

Available facilities

A.    GIS and Remote Sensing:

The Centre is actively engaged in the area of Remote Sensing ans GIS for last one decade and has state-of-the-art hardware (Compaq GIS Workstations with 21 monitors) as well as the Laser and Designjet Colour (A1 size) printers and scanners to cater to needs of GIS generated maps printing on a Centre's network supported by Compaq Server. In addition, the Centre has acquired all the GIS softwares and protocols available in the market. The softwares used are




Geomedia Professional 5.1 Suite with GeoMedia Grid, GeoMedia Terrain, Geo Media Web (2 Licences)


GeoMedia Professional 5.0 (8 Licences)

Microstation, Image Analyst, MGE Terrain Analyst

ArcGIS 9.0 (Three licences)

Map Info 7.1





Erdas Imagine 8.7 (Two licences)




WMS 7.0 (10 Licences)


Rockware 2002


Oracle 9.1


B.     Plant Studies:

Following equipments are available in the Centre with expertise to have high-resolution results.


Microscope- Nikon Optiphot -II



C.    Field Studies:

The Centre has performed excellent work in investigating various river basins in Himalaya. It has expertise of mapping and investigating an area from various environmental perspectives and has the following equipments


LEICA's GPS (Two nos.) with PalmTop and Arc Pad 6.0

Olympus 5010 Digital Camera

Sony Video Camera

Digital Altimeter with 1 m accuracy.

Hanna pH meter

DO meter

D.    Soil and Water Analysis:

The Centre has a laboratory for physico-chemical analysis of soil as well as water samples

E.     Atmospheric Studies:

Following equipments are available to measure the NO2, SO2 and Suspended particulate matter (PM10) in ambient air and recording the meteorological data

Handy Air Sampler APM 21

Respirable Dust Sampler, Envirotech Model APM 460 NL

Weather Station


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